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Writing to donors and prospects takes a certain touch. Not only do you have to be warm, gracious and sincere, you have to get to the point. You don't have a lot of time to catch their attention while competing in a world of sensory input.

EDiT! offers you research-based, proven strategies to improve your advancement communications, lighting the way for you to find the inspiration you seek to make your writing effective, clear and to the point. Not just better writing, but an increase in donor participation, retention and engagement.


Workshops and training are ideal for advancement professionals in every role – donor relations, annual giving, major gifts, communications, planned giving, operations and executive leadership, as well as institutional marketing staff. You don’t have to be a communications specialist to benefit from EDiT! After all, aren’t we all communicators?


Your pathway to writing inspiration.

Editorial Direction, Inspiration and Training
for Advancement Professionals


Direction and training will give you confidence and competence. Validation and reassurance. Security. Creativity. Expertise. And ultimately, inspiration.


Also helps you overcome writer’s block by building your skills and increasing your productivity. Knowing the basics of communication helps you streamline your writing, and being concise makes it more likely to be read.


Employee retention. Because you’ll feel more confident in your writing and have the training and validation you need to do your job well, you’ll be a better, happier employee. Less turnover, better morale.


A new way of looking at your communications. Not just content, but format and medium. Do your acknowledgments come in a #10 envelope? So do bills, junk mail and court documents. Maybe it’s time to try something different.

How do you know if your writing is hitting the mark?

Just how many syllables, words, sentences and paragraphs can your reader absorb? How can you grab their attention and keep them reading? What kinds of words will make them respond to your appeal?


To see if you would benefit from EDiT!, gather some of your advancement communication samples. Email to get a ten-question assessment to evaluate your work. It will give you a range of scores, everything from "you’re doing great" to "time to get some training!"

Where do you need inspiration?

What's Your Problem?

EDiT! Can Help!
Investing in writing training will save countless hours, increase your donor participation and retention, lead to more prospect meetings. Getting some direction and inspiration will improve employee morale and retention.

Meet Debbie, the Chief Inspiration Officer

Bees live in trees, that is true.

They make honey for us, they don’t make glue.

They are striped in yellow and black.

And if they sting you, don’t go back.

Thus began my life-long love affair with writing – in third grade, when I submitted my first published piece, this epic poem that appeared in our elementary school newspaper.


Debbie Meyers1.png
Meet Debbie


“Your words, wisdom and humor made an impact on the University Advancement team at Gannon. Team members caught themselves falling into the traps you cautioned against, corrected messaging and cited you and your presentation – you are the buzz of UA! The energy coming out of your workshop is palpable and we are excited to implement your ideas and suggestions to better engage our constituents. Thank you for your time and willingness to engage with our team. I look forward to our continued partnership.”

— Anthony DiPasqua

Director, Constituent Engagement

Gannon University

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