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About EDiT!

What makes EDiT! different?

The job of every sentence is to get the reader to read the next one. And while writing is indeed an art, it also has science behind it – research that shows proven ways to enhance readability.


With editorial direction and training, you will improve your writing

  1. Strategically – by learning basics of advancement communication theory to get your message across effectively

  2. Tactically – by discovering ways to make your writing concise and keep your reader’s attention

Active, not passive!

Here’s where the inspiration comes in. After you’ve learned the theory of donor-focused communication and tips on concise writing, you work in a one-on-one session with me to find your direction and inspiration.


With ACTIVE EDITING, we work together to rewrite a letter, an appeal, an impact report – whatever you need help with. Rather than having you submit a piece, receive edits, then redraft it (passive editing), you will partner with me to talk through your message, medium and word choice.


The finished piece will still be in the voice you prefer, only stronger and more direct.

How does it work?

First, take a ten-question assessment to gain an objective look at your writing effectiveness. Email me at and I will send it to you.


If you score in the “needs some help” category, I offer two presentations and two workshops, either virtually or in person:


Presentation 1: “Ten Directives of Donor-focused Communication”

This review of basic principles of advancement communication focuses on the theory and strategy you should use to make your messages clear and effective. It also includes a section on how advancement communications differ from institutional marketing communications, as well as tips on overcoming writer’s block.


Workshop 1: Review of samples

Using your sample communication pieces, we will take what we learned in the presentation and apply those principles to your advancement communications. We’ll discuss where you hit the mark and where we need to tweak things to make your messaging donor centered.


Presentation 2: “Write Tight”

This interactive presentation teaches you tips and tricks to make your writing concise. Take out the garbage! Focus on strong words that get your point across.

Workshop 2: Active editing (group or individual)

Together, we will take the piece you wish to work on and identify the thought you're trying to communicate, choosing the best words and ideal sentence structure. This hands-on, intensive session will make your writing as clear, concise and effective as possible.


If you opt for sessions 1-3 on the same day, recommended timing is to start mid-morning with presentation 1 and workshop 1, then break for lunch, the return to complete presentation 2, and if you like, workshop 2.


Workshop also includes hour-long sessions of active editing as needed for one month.



No limit to the number of participants – the more, the merrier. Even staff who are not in advancement would benefit from these sessions, particularly the one on writing concisely.

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